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Designed to meet the needs of compositors and 2D/3D artists. Add realistic FX to your movies with ease and create, with great control and creative possibilities, the perfect look you need!

Flexible and feature-rich is the objective here.
Acquire access to high-resolution simulation and renderings, render passes, and OpenVDB channels. Select the format you need, from QuickTime files in ProRes 4444 to raw OpenEXR render image sequences up to 32-Bit. 

Relight the assets in 2D with no additional render time, or add the actual OpenVDB simulation data into your 3D project. Completely change the look and shader of the assets and position, arrange and retime as you need.

Choose between Explosions, Shockwaves, Smoke Clouds and Smoke Plumes.
First volumes available now!




After Effects

Explosions – Volume One

Shockwaves – Volume One

Smokeplumes – Volume One

Smokeclouds – Volume One