Münze Österreich | Gold-Reserve

vuvey was invited to create a four-part video series, explaining the possibilities on how to invest safely in gold. Creating a clear and descriptive series by developing a visual design language, that explains all necessary information while diving into an abstract world. Value, ease, and security needed to be expressed through our designs.

The Münze Österreich Gold-Reserve offers everyone the opportunity to invest in physical gold through small, regular payments. As soon as the gold you buy each period reaches one ounce in weight, it will be converted into a Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin. You can decide to store it at home or in your Gold-Depot. Gold is a stable long-term investment that can be relied upon.

The Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin is world-famous and highly valued around the world.


Münze Österreich

Agency & Copy

Goldener Salon

Direction, Copy & Audio


Design & Animation