Münze Österreich | Gold-Sparplan

vuvey was invited to create a four-part video series, explaining the possibilities on how to invest safely in gold. Creating a clear and descriptive series by developing a visual design language, that explains all necessary information while diving into an abstract world. Value, ease, and security needed to be expressed through our designs.

With the Münze Österreich Gold-Sparplan, you choose the coins you want to buy and when you want to buy them, making it a remarkably simple way of investing in physical gold and the ideal opportunity to make dreams come true. The Gold-Sparplan is ideal for everyone who wants to invest in gold, silver, or platinum over a prolonged period. By making repeated purchases, you balance out price fluctuations and prevent your savings from depreciating of low-interest rates.

The Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin is world-famous and highly valued around the world.


Münze Österreich

Agency & Copy

Goldener Salon

Direction, Copy & Audio


Design & Animation